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April 14, 2011

wow i haven’t posted on this in forever….but i decided that at least for this week i should post about my life and whereabouts. haha. well i am in savannah now and after a long day of flights……i’m in a hotel room. and it feels good, better than sitting on my butt and walking to gates. there’s not much that happened. i did stats homework on the place… FUN! not. and then i read deadline, which i really like ;D he’s such a witty guy it’s absolutely awesome to read. i listened to music a lot and i wanted to watch movies on hbo but it costed too much money….but there was tangled and hp and like so muchhh. i had seattle’s best coffee thingy and it was creme caramel javakool haha 😀 i had pretzels and twizzlers, which was delicious. not too eventful but i do miss home… a bit. i miss the people but i’m sure they’re having fun too :] hahah well this is me signing off because its about 1:30 in georgia lol.